Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hitting the Wall.

This happens:  We hit a wall.  There's been a block in the way.  Maybe it's invisible.  It just won't move.  There's been blood, sweat and tears and still we have this.  Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we work, how much effort we expend, we are right here staring at the wall. 

The wall is the teacher, the lesson and the journey.  It's how we get to know ourselves.  It begs the question, can we like ourselves in spite of hitting this?  In spite of hitting it repeatedly? 

In that moment when we are starting at the wall, we can ask: Did I try everything? Did I go all out? Could I have been more thorough? Did I do the best I was capable of given the hand I was dealt (or even, given the hand I created when I knew less than I know now)? 

If the answer is yes, rest and regroup.  If the answer is no, the game is still on. Go back and fix the missing links. Try it again.and again.and again. but not the same way.  Remember the definition of insanity. 

Sports, fitness, life, they dovetail into very similar themes.  A wall is an opportunity to grow and become bigger than the old version that hit it in the first place.  Walls are part of life.  Walls cannot take away self-esteem, dignity or drive.  Face it and keep on going.  Walls can be beautiful.