Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strength Tools: Self-Discipline

"It is not enough to have great qualities; We should also have the management of them." - La Rochefoucauld

Strength is of value. The over-culture is clear on this. What is it that makes strength effective? Refinement improves strength in whatever form it takes. Self-discipline cultivates strength over time.

Self-discipline is the quality of consistently taking strategic action toward a specific outcome, despite resistance, emotional struggle, or inconvenience. Self-discipline is hot. It is empowering. It is the road to mastery.

Why self-discipline is important:

1. It creates excellence - commitment to practice improves skill.

2. It increases fortitude - going further than previously possible feels good.

3. It heightens individuality - decisiveness enhances character.

4. It builds self-trust and ease - inner life is aligned with action.

5. It frees up energy for other endeavors - efficiency increases.

Self-discipline is not self-punishment. Using it as such will backfire. It is not about stopping something good or mindless deprivation. It is about developing chosen qualities with purpose.

It is about staying on track (despite the opportunity to jump off) and getting there, finally, with self-respect and a sense of accomplishment. The experience of achievement over time, through adversity, creates a formidable foundation.

Three techniques for developing self-discipline:

1. List one area of desired improvement and choose one action step to incorporate into daily life. Do this every day. No matter what. Write it down.

2. Notice one consistent area where reactivity blocks progress. Make an alternate effective behavior choice. Practice it every day. Record the new results.

3. Identify one restrictive myth that places limits on potential. Replace it with the truth and act accordingly, in one small way. Repeat and write it down.

Self-discipline is a powerful tool. It is simple but not easy. Engage an accountable friend. Enjoy the adventure.

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