Friday, September 16, 2011


Self-care is incredibly cool. It is a power system between you and you, and you and the world.

I have recently chosen to tackle some of the themes that I have allowed to drain my energy as part of a (halfway done) 24 month self-imposed challenge to determine whether I continue on in my current career.

Part of this process involves playing a game with my mind:

Every time there's a choice to be made with regard to food, rest, exercise, schedule, professional sevices offered, commuting, energy exchange, social time, etc, I choose the option that objectively best supports me. I take a moment to dump habit, emotional pull, sabotage patterns, faulty reasoning and old stories. Note: I only take a moment. I'm not going for perfection, I am going for improvement.

This process is cool because it is reasonably fast - almost like having a rubber band around the wrist as a reminder to reframe each decision. Big results come from small changes in choice.

Remember to be graceful in this experiment. Be calm when energy surges back from areas of pervious drain. Be gentle with self and the people who are impacted by new decisions.

Choose a designated time period to try this out, say one hour to start. See if you like it, then expand the time period.

What different decisions will you make?

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