Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mini-Vent re: Success Culture

I have read so many blog posts and quotes about following dreams and living a DIY life of passion and fulfillment, especially in the professional realm.  The message consistently seems to be that once the brave choice has been made, the doors open. 

Not so much.

What about the intense WORK that accompanies these dreams and passions?  What about the times when no amount of work seems to further the cause?  What about the times that feel so solitary with little outer world reception?

The intense work, the short term failings and the solitude are important parts of the process.   It's "feedback, not failure."

Maybe the dream will happen, and maybe it won't, but it definitely won't without effort.  Working to make it happen is as much a part of "living the dream" as experiencing the completed process.  I think we forget this sometimes.

I think we also forget that these things take time.  If the work isn't working, step back and find something to add stability to your life.  Evaluate every angle of your project, look at it in new light, then go back. 

Whatever you do, be objective sometimes.  Remember that it takes courage to do this.  The economy is not reflective of your personal worth.  (And workout, because that usually helps everything).

For further reading, check out this post from Seth Godin: Preparing for the breakthrough/calamity


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