Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Limits vs Results

Two quotes have repeatedly flowed through my social media channels over the past week kicked off by two people who have been very influential in my own fitness development: 


"I'm constantly tempted to change my career. As one book says . . . and I paraphrase - 'I love my industry - it's the people in it that I'm starting to dislike'. Fitness sells people on RESULTS! Results this and Results that!!!! Hell - we don't even know what results are anymore!! We think it means the accomplishment of a goal - but that is NOT often the case - especially when the initial goal is misguided!! The majority of long-term PT clients (e.g. >5years) don't look much different then when they started their PT experience. BUT - THEY OFTEN BECOME DIFFERENT PEOPLE. WHY? Improved function (however that is measured from person to person) changes a person's reality, and a person's life by default. If you can live a BETTER life because of your physical and spiritual improvement due to training - then you just have to look GOOD ENOUGH to live that BETTER life!! lol You don't have to have a six pack, get into a size 4, or even look 10 years younger to live that better life!! When your kicking ass - a size 8 can look pretty sexy, a 36 inch waste looks pretty thin when its owner passes your ass on a 5k run, and a little wrinkle here and salt and pepper hair there become the SEXY SCARS OF WISDOM!! SO - kick your client's asses, get them in great shape, make them tougher in this world full of pussies, AND you will see - "they wont give a shit if they don't look like the "Air-brushed and Photoshopped" Models that grace the cover of our demented magazine!!" There - my rant for the day!!" lmao 
-Juan Carlos Santana

There is a common thread in these two quotes: Expand your concept of success.  Look at the inner development that is happening, celebrate the character that is building and allow external pursuits to reveal natural talent even if it happens through failure.  External results matter, they serve a purpose but they are not the whole story.  Limits shed light on methods that no longer serve us and point toward a more productive direction.  The core qualities and intentions can still be in play even if the external means becomes limited in one direction.  Fulfillment is available in any pursuit if the experience becomes the teacher. 

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  1. The second quote has got me thinking. Fitness for what? To look good or function good? I think you can do both to the degree the pursuit of fitness does not detract your major life purposes. When fitness becomes the be all and end all; and being a fitness model is not our primary purpose, we get into trouble.