Monday, September 17, 2012

Look Alive

My chin hurts from the NAGA Grappling tournament this weekend.  My opponent made a valiant attempt at a choke and aimed high - it was a potential finisher after a sweep and taking mount.  She won the fight on points but didn't get the choke.

I needed to get back to competition and to my commitment to keep things fresh.  I want a life built on  expanding my capacity and experiencing growth in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.  To me they are all related.  I need events that push me to perform at my best and avoid complacency.

My best advice on this is: "Don't be too precious about it."  I can't remember who first recommended less preciousness but it has stuck with me.  Its never going to be perfect but small performance tests and activities that push us to develop ourselves are better done at all then indefinitely postponed in pursuit of perfection.  The rush that arrives when in pursuit of a worthy challenge is worth it.  It affirms we are alive and shows us who we are outside of our jobs and familiar self-referencing.

This autumn my commitment is to compete in more Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events and to prepare for the bigger comps this winter and early spring.  I'm actively looking for another event to try out - a trail run or learning to rock climb or another day learning parkour.  I'm switching up my nutrition and my conditioning program.

What are you doing to change things up? How are you keeping your practice fresh?  What do you have to gain by pushing yourself to grow a little?

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