Monday, December 10, 2012


Describe "your game" - it's a question that's been high on my list for the past 16 weeks. Its a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition question put to me by my mentor and friend Cody Fielding.  His point being that I have my own distinct way of moving, preferred flow patterns and strategic preferences. I need to be able to explain that system, if only to myself.  When I roll I don't scramble through my mind-library of BJJ technique in hopes that I'll come up with a game plan that works, I have my own pre-existing style.  This style can be honed / adjusted / game changed but essentially its my way of moving.

Take this a little broader and apply it to personal relationship to physical practice.  Do you do take a generic / mainstreamed attitude to exercise or do you self-style your experience?  Are you driving it, or is it driving you? This is different than say, intelligent program design (it matters!).  Self-styling is an inspired attitude and a customized approach based on one's individuality.  

Outside of a sport or enjoyment context sometimes I think through the cultural push to exercise for health reasons or for aesthetics.  These can be considered neutral objectives that can either be externally driven, or owned and self-styled by the individual.  External drives tend to be somewhat hollow and lack the sense of calm and relationship with self that personal ownership offers.  My sense is that personal ownership leads to confidence, power and passion for the practice.  

It strikes me that those who are truly masterful at their practice tend to be excellent at the specific array of techniques / movement patterns that come naturally.  They have taken their style or their game to an elite level by playing to their strengths.  

Our personal relationship with our own physicality can be one of the most intimate relationships we have.  Why not hone our individual styles, get to know our own game and kick some seriously empowered ass!

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