Monday, April 1, 2013


It's part of my job to stay up-to-date on what's out there in my field and for fun I sometimes choose and to test run combinations of tech training options.  The following is a combination that I like:

If I my nutrition goal was weight loss, and I wanted to get into better strength and cardiovascular shape I would use the following low cost programs:

Online nutrition: The Whole30 

Tabata Timer 
Gorilla (this is all body weight work, with videos included)

Habit change via payment to a negative charity.

Daily Routine:

Commit to Whole30 for the whole 30 days.
Enroll at and get a referee (enlist a friend) - set goals here.
Do the following 6 days a week alternating daily between Programs A and B

Program A.
Warm-Up x 5 minutes - 10 minutes.
Complete 4 Tabatas with one minute rest between Tabatas
If you are new to fitness keep the intensity low.
Alternate between two exercises per Tabata.
T1. Squats and Jumping Jax
T2. Push-Ups and Hip Bridges
T3. Back Rows and Jogging in Place (high knees)
T4. Abs (Planks) and Supermans
Follow with 20 minutes brisk cardio.
Stretch out.

Program B.
Warm-Up x 5-10 minutes
Complete one Gorilla workout at your fitness level (progress to next workout next time).
Follow with 20 minutes of interval cardio :
either 30 sec quick pace : 1 min normal/easy
30 sec quick pace : 30 sec normal/easy
Adjust the work:rest ratio to meet your conditioning needs.
Stretch out.

As with all exercise programs, consult your physician prior to engaging.

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