Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Have you ever gone for a night run and suddenly the urban landscape transformed into something much more beautiful?  That feeling of cold night air in your lungs and registering light and sound differently unwires the sedentary routines that many of us fall into in the course of our lives.

I have gotten so much from full body strength and conditioning workouts that extend beyond any aesthetic or weight loss goal.  The results I am referring to are the benefits of feeling alive, capable and powerful.  When we feel that way we respect ourselves and we make good choices for ourselves.

Discipline is good, will power is good, but being on our own team is the most important thing.  On-going positive change comes from being our own best friend, our own parent, our own hero.  It can be hard to stay in that headspace but with practice it can become the default.

In time, great workouts feed us and then we continue the positive cycle and add the in healthy nutrition, the sleep, recovery time and efficiency that completes the circle.  It can become compelling.

Here's a simple way to begin:

Three times a week take a 20 minute walk and do 5 push-ups and 10 step-ups (with good form!) on every park bench you pass. Vary your pace based on landmarks - i.e. - speed walk from the fire hydrant to the lamp post. Duck underneath railings and continue the duck-under zig-zag for the length of the railing.  Hold onto handrail and hop up steps one leg at a time.  Look for more options as you travel the landscape and PLAY.

If you're more advanced bring a pair of gloves to protect your hands and run the course. Add jumps, bear crawls, crab walks, lunges, split jumps, pull-ups, recline rows, burpees on and off different surfaces, hill runs.  Extend the time limit.

Good nutrition means eating whole foods and staying away from processed foods as much as possible.
A simple change that yields quick results is to cut the sugar. Eliminate sugary drinks and sweets, or at least cut down in quantity. If weight loss is a goal, cut meal sizes down by 1/4 to start, reduce snacking (think of them as small meals instead) and see how you feel.  Hydrate adequately but not too much!

We will begin posting our Bay-Fit weekly workout challenge each Sunday night along with a sample workout.  Stay tuned and stay in touch.  Happy Training!!!

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