Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Out With A Bang

It's been an epic year.  There's one more month to rock out and then it will never be 2013 again. Before we hit 2014 I want to make sure that I've stared down the last of the 2013 demons and reached the best of the 2013 goals so I can jump forward with a clean slate.

Some thoughts for those of you metaphorically cleaning house right now:

1. What patterns are keeping you stuck?  How can you adjust your thinking / behavior / strategy to get unstuck?

2. What's been successful and why? Can you apply that same strategy to another area of your life?

3. What have you given up in pursuit of your fitness goals, and what have you gotten while in pursuit of these goals?

4. What do you want to do next and why?

5. Are you focused on the journey or the outcome? How can the journey be more enjoyable and what makes the outcome a richer experience?

If you are choosing to hibernate right now, be deliberate about it.  This is pre-season 2014! Leverage that hibernation so that you are ready to leap ahead come January.  Embodiment is a life-long commitment and it gets richer as we develop our relationship with ourselves.  Be creative, re-invent, make some inspiring changes, but most importantly, allow it to happen organically.

Happy Holiday Season, whatever your style may be!

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